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Edith Cowan College

Inside the ECC Student Experience – with Farah Rozario


Farah Rozario is currently a student at Edith Cowan College studying a Diploma of Science (Health Studies). She chose this course as a pathway leading into the Bachelor of Science (Psychology and Genetics) at Edith Cowan University. Originally from Singapore, Farah is adjusting to student life in Perth. Already being a fluent speaker of English, the only “culture shock” was observing how outgoing Australians were;


“Everyone was just so friendly! Here in Perth, at the supermarket or anywhere, people ask ‘Hi, how is your day? How are you going? Everyone says ‘Thank you’ to the bus driver. You would never get that in Singapore.”

Each of the diploma classes aim to provide good education and understanding in English and essay writing. Being an experienced student, Farah has fit in quite well in all her classes;


“A lot of the units I am doing now, I feel really good at because I already have good communication skills and professional academic communication. English is my first language, so I have spoken it my whole life. So, the beginner stuff is all easy. The first few weeks in every unit they teach you everything from grammar, vocabulary, how to structure paragraphs and sentences for university writing.


I can’t speak for other students, but if English was my second language, I can see how it would be a smooth transition.”


ECC hosts many different students from all different continents and cultures.  For a new student in a new country, it’s a great way to meet new people and collaborate with other students from different countries.


“I feel like I am collecting an international friendship base… they are all from different backgrounds. During lunch time everyone just sits together. For me [socialising] isn’t a problem.”


The classes are structured to prepare students for university life, with a mix of individual and group assessments, the grade is spread out across three or four assessments;


“Having the grade spread across the assessments during the trimester helps to keep your grade on track. Whereas back home we would just be graded on that one major paper – it’s make-or-break.


It’s not like that here. Here at the college you can still redeem yourself in the other assignments.


In project management it is basically team collaboration. There is a final report and evaluation which is individual work, but you do have to constantly collaborate with your teammates”


Classes have a smaller, intimate approach, giving students better interaction with teachers. Teachers promote students to work in partnership and together as a team to achieve the best results and the skills to network for the future.


“My group project consists of a student from China, student from Ghana, a student from Australia and me, from Singapore. So, it makes us an international team”.  


Being an active student, Farah uses the campus facilities and library quite often. She is currently living at the ECU student village accommodation which is located on campus. Shuttle buses are available on campus between ECC and the student village, making the commute between home and school quite easy.


“For me I am very active over here [at school]; I am in the event committee, I am a peer mentor, I am a student leader… my grades were good last trimester, so, a lot of my friends and even people I never met before are coming to me for help. Over here [on campus] I am normally very busy, so in the dorms I like my alone time”.


Farah’s student apartment has a fully furnished bedroom, private bathroom, large kitchen and spacious lounge area. The students have plenty of space to hang out to suit their lifestyle. 


“For anyone who likes to keep up with other students, the dorms run constant events, like once every few days or weeks. I think there is a toga party coming up and they just did a pizza night last week. It’s a good environment for people who are trying to adjust and adapt to the student life over here.


It helps that there is constant security on campus and near the dorms… the students always feel safe”.


As an international student, Farah has taken to the student life quite well in Perth and she is enjoying her time working towards her Diploma at Edith Cowan College;


“It gives you an insight. Year two has specific classes but year one is very general, so it gives you an opportunity to explore areas outside of your course. For example, I am working towards a Bachelor of Science, so, currently in Health Science here, we have bio-med, student psychology and nursing students. It is interesting because it explores the kind of electives that you can do at the university, so I do like that about the diploma”


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