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Student Experience - Coral's story

A little about me

My name is Coral, and I’m from Perth. I completed my Diploma of Science (Health Studies) at ECC in June 2021. I have since commenced my studies in a Nursing degree at ECU in July 2021.

Inspiration of coming back to school

I have been a hairdresser for approximately 30 years. I feel like I have come to a point in my life where I want to do something different, something that will help me through the years of my life that I'll be able to make a career out of. This has inspired me to come back to school.

Application process for mature-age students

Applying to ECC was an easy process. I had achieved a Certificate III in Hairdressing which helped me obtain the qualification that I needed to apply to ECC as a mature-aged student.

Balance between work and study

The balance between trying to manage my everyday life as well as still bringing an income into my house, I found that the hours were quite reasonable. I was still able to work because I worked for myself and I was able to adjust my hours to suit the hours that were needed for me to complete my studies.


Support provided at ECC

Sometimes I find it a little overwhelming, but the lecturers are great, and I found that I had plenty of support. With this support I managed to get through to the end of my Diploma. I found that the balance between my studies and my home life was manageable. I found the lecturers lovely; they did not make me feel like I was not able to do this. I had a great lot of encouragement. Whenever I felt like I could not do something, there was someone there to help me through it. As someone that had not studied in a long time, all these new things were just completely different for me that I had to learn. The support available for learning the academic side helped me a lot in the initial part of the study where they took you through everything and helped you with your essays and assignments.

Importance of ECC pathway into uni

Being the pathway to ECU helped me a lot as far as learning how to do my exercises and assignments and prepare me for what it would be like for University life. Now I can see why it was needed. Just being able to come through ECC and learn everything that I needed, helped me a lot with the transition to ECU. The first week at University, I felt very confident and thought, I can do this.

Advice to other mature-age students

My theory is that you are never too old to keep studying. It is wonderful to be able to think that you can keep learning, even as we get older, nothing can stop us. I would suggest to anyone that was thinking of studying to just go for it and give yourself that chance, because even though it's a little overwhelming, there is plenty of support to keep you motivated, to keep you thinking that you can do it. There is always someone there that can help you through this process. I would suggest to anyone who was mature age, if you are thinking about changing your career, just go for it.

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