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Education Agent FAQs

Please visit Current Student FAQs and Future Student FAQs for full information.


Q: Who should I contact if I have an enquiry about ECC?

A: If you have any questions relating to an offer of admission for ECC programmes, please email at or any enquiries relating to marketing and student recruitment, please email at


Q: Is ECC going to continue processing applications and acceptances?

A: For now, the admissions process remains unchanged. Applications will continue to be assessed, and acceptances will continue to be processed.


Q: Are there any online events or seminars hosted by ECC?

A: Yes, each Marketing Manager will be emailing details of upcoming online events.


Q: If the travel ban continues, what options will students commencing ELICOS and future trimesters have?

A: ECC will now be moving online for our ELICOS program commencing on 28 April 2020 and Diploma courses commencing in Trimester 2, June 2020. As we move online our focus remains on providing a robust solution and supportive education environment, to facilitate academic success.


Q.What does virtual classroom mean?

A. This is an online learning environment that ECC will be offering through the Zoom communication platform while students are unable to travel to Australia.


Q. Will the virtual/online timetable be suitable for students in the different time
A. ECC is working on a timetable that will ensure that all students are able to attend virtual/online classes.


Q. Will ECC hold an Orientation for students studying online?
A. ECC will offer a robust, supportive, fun, and interactive orientation program to ensure all students are fully prepared to undertake their studies online.


Q. What if the borders open mid-course?
A. Once the borders open, it is expected that students come onshore to continue with their course. We will work with the students to transition once they get their visa.


Q. Do students need to apply for a student visa to study online?
A. Students do not need a student visa to study online. They need to accept their offer to receive a COE. If their course commences before the borders open we will enrol them for online learning.


Q. What if a student visa application is refused?
A. If a student visa is refused, we will allow the student to complete the unit(s) they will be studying at the time. They will be subjected to our current refund policy as they will have enrolled/commenced the course. They will get a full refund for the units not undertaken.


Q: National Exams have been postponed until further notice. I am worried that students will not be able to meet the academic conditions on their offer. What should I do?

A: There are several ways our Admissions Team can assess applications. For best advice please email at

We understand that this is a challenging time for high schools, education advisors, and students and their families. We at Edith Cowan College would like to extend our gratitude and thanks to our global partners. We encourage you to approach us with any needs, concerns, or ideas that you may have in building these relationships over the coming months and years.


Q. When will OSHC commence for students who have already paid for April and June
A. OSHC will commence when the student arrives in Australia. Students will be eligible for a refund providing they have arrived 3 months after their original starting date. The OSHC refund will be given once the student returns home or changes visa.


Q. What are ECC’s student support services, and how do students studying online
access them?
A. Students will have access to the ECC Welcome Centre via Zoom, they will also have access to all support services offered to students on campus such as free confidential counselling services and ECC Learning Support.


Q. Does ECC still offer scholarships?

A. Yes, ECC still offers English and Academic scholarships. For more information, please click here.