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Edith Cowan College

Before you leave

What you need to know...



When you move away from home you’ll have heaps of questions and we are here to help! One of the hardest things is to know what to pack, so we are making it a bit easier for you! Perth has the sunniest days of any state in Australia and we love it. In Summer it can get very hot but in Winter it can also get quite cool. Here are the seasons to prepare for:


SUMMER: December to February 20⁰C - 35⁰C

AUTUMN: March to May 15⁰C - 30⁰C

WINTER: June to August 7⁰C - 20⁰C

SPRING: September to November 15⁰C - 25⁰C


Dress Code

Australians are pretty casual when it comes to clothing. University students tend to wear jeans and casual tops to school. If you are heading in or around the City the same dress code applies. Going out for dinner, to a movie or to see a show you can even wear smart/casual jeans, depending on the location. Most clubs or bars have dress codes, where smart attire applies, so closed in shoes and a collared shirt for boys. If you are unsure take a look at our FACEBOOK page and see what our students are wearing around Perth!


What to bring/what to buy

Make sure you bring all of your cables for your electronic devices but remember that Australia’s electrical socket may look different to what you use at home. In Australia we use a three-pin electrical plug, you can buy adaptors for your devices at the airport, hardware stores and even newsagents.


It is important before you leave home that you make sure all of your prescriptions are up to date, including things like reading glasses and any medication you may need. It may be cheaper for you to do this at home than when you arrive and means if you need it you can access it easily.


If you forget anything or cannot fit it in your suitcase you can buy everything else when you arrive, there are shopping centres and convenience stores all around Perth and there should be one local to you.