Diploma of Business

The Diploma of Business provides students with an overall perspective of business and the acquisition of fundamental skills, which are essential for their course and career. Business degree programs at ECU have a large practical component and are designed in consultation with industry, professional bodies and government organisations.

Your direct pathway to Edith Cowan University

High School


2nd year Edith Cowan University



Year Duration International Students Australian Students FEE-HELP


2 trimesters

A$26,550 ($3,318 per unit)

A$11,840 ($1,480 per unit)

available for Australian students




8 or 12 months


February, June, October


Core Units

  • BES1500D Business Communications and Analysis
  • PAC1100D Professional and Academic Communications

Business Units

  • ACC1100D Accounting
  • ECF1110D Economics
  • ECF1120D Finance
  • ECF1151D Quantitative and Statistical Techniques for Business
  • LAW1100D Legal Framework
  • MAN1100D Management
  • MAN1600D Information Systems for Business
  • MKT1600D Marketing Principles & Practices

Entry into 2nd year of

  • Bachelor of Business (majors in, Accounting, Event Management, Finance, Hotel Management, Human Resource Management, International Business, Law in Business, Management, Marketing, Project Management, Sport Management, Tourism and Hospitality Management) - 8 units (120 credit points)
  • Bachelor of Marketing Advertising and Public Relations - 8 units (120 credit points)
  • Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management - 8 units (120 credit points)