Diploma of Science (Health Studies)

The Diploma of Science (Health Studies) will introduce you to the biological, social and cultural elements involved in health care. It is specially designed for students seeking a Diploma in Nursing, Biomedical Science and Psychology in order to major in one of these at Edith Cowan University.

Your direct pathway to Edith Cowan University

High School


2nd year Edith Cowan University



Year Duration International Students Australian Students FEE-HELP
2017 2 trimesters A$27,760 ($3,470 per unit) A$12,800 ($1,600 per unit) available for Australian citizens




8 or 12 months


February, June, October


Core Units

Select eight units in total according to your intended major from:

  • MAT1114D - Introductory Statistics
  • NCS1101D - Health and Healthcare Systems
  • NCS1102D - Professional Conduct and Communication
  • NCS1201D - Foundations of Nursing
  • NCS1202D - Evidence Based Practice in Health Care
  • NSC1103D - Clinical Sciences Introduction
  • SCH1101D - Cultural Studies
  • PSY1101D - Introduction to Psychology
  • SCH1134D - Human Structure and Function
  • SCH1143D - Systems Physiology
  • PAC1100D - Professional and Academic Communication

Entry into 2nd year of

  • Bachelor of Science (Nursing) 6 units (90 credit points)
  • Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science) up to 6 units (up to 90 credit points)
  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology) up to 8 units (up to 120 credit points)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) up to 8 units (up to 120 credit points)