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Student Experience - Purvang's story

A little about me

My name is Purvang and I’m from Nairobi, Kenya. I am currently studying the Diploma in Computing and IT at Edith Cowan College (ECC) through virtual classes. ECC provides great scholarships as well, so that was one of the reasons that made me choose ECC.

Advantage of studying online

I chose to enrol virtual studies because I didn’t want to waste my valuable study time whilst waiting for the border to open. It is amazing that ECC is offering online classes and their online classes are really good. I do not regret the decision to do study online with ECC. The teachers at ECC interact well with the online students and that made me feel involved in the classes. If it was on campus, I would normally use transport to get there and back. But studying virtually allows me to continue with other things straight away after class because I’m staying at home.

Challenges of studying online

There are some challenges, but those are tiny technical challenges, for instance small internet breaks or power cuts. This is not a big issue as the teachers take that into consideration. When there is a power cut, we can join in again later or we just ask the teachers any questions later. Since I have been studying online for many months, I am quite used to it and it doesn't really affect my studies.

Support provided at ECC

At the beginning when our study group had questions, the teacher offered us a personal zoom meeting. This level of support really helped me with my assignments. The teachers replied to my emails and questions quickly; it’s like I was asking the teacher as if I was right there in the classroom. After the class, the teachers always stay to answer any questions and they are so nice and patient. My performance improved after consulting with the lecturers, so that is a positive outcome for me.

Study resources provided at ECC

All study resources are shared In Moodle – the ECC student platform. There are a few books that are not allowed to be shared which we have to buy. They do not cost a lot, but those are very rare situations. The teachers provide us with a good amount of information with the lecture slides. We also have access to the ECU library, which has so many books and resources to read from.

Keep connected socially

I made friends quite early during the classes via the Zoom chat feature. We keep connected on WhatsApp group and Facebook group. Sometimes when we are working in a group of three, we join in Zoom and finish the group project. I have many friends more than I expected, which is amazing.

Advice to future students

Firstly, you must interact with the lecturer, through the virtual studies, to get comfortable and blend in with the class. Secondly, you should always manage your time, which is the most important thing. When you are given a task or a project, always assign a particular period of time to finish that task. Lastly, it is important to always have friends and parent support. If I have some issues with tasks, I can get advice from my friends, like how can it be done and how can it not be done. It is always good to interact with everyone in the class, so you don't feel like you're away from that class or you feel like you are on your own. One of the main things is managing attendance, and that is everywhere in the places in the world and all aspects of life.

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