Student services

At Edith Cowan College (ECC), we understand that the transition to university level study can be difficult for some students. Because things do not always go the way we had planned or problems of an academic or personal nature arise, a range of support services are made available to you during your studies at ECC.

For information about Staying Safe in Perth in your language, take a look at:

Students are encouraged to use the support services available and to contact the friendly staff at ECC for advice and assistance as soon as they are finding things a little difficult. Remember, ECC is here to help students achieve success within their chosen program of study!

Student Activities

We understand that for students, the main reason they are in Australia is to study. However, participating in extra-curricular activities and getting out and about is important too. ECC encourages you to interact and enjoy your experience by taking a break from your studies and having some fun and participating in extra-curricular activities. By being involved in non-academic interests whilst studying you will be able to develop a network of friends and to broaden your outlook and skills.

Visit ECU's Sports and Recreation website for ideas and sporting teams.

Events, Activities and Adventures

You can also join a variety of events, activities and adventures (for example, skydiving and whale watching) organised by numerous clubs and societies in Perth. From recreation to religion, from sport to politics, they cater to every interest.

If you or a group of your friends have a particular interest in an activity, that you believe others might also been interested, please come by and speak to our Student Counsellor or someone on the student services team, who may be able to help you organise such an outing for you!

Student Wellbeing

Our Student Counsellor is available to meet with students to discuss a range of areas in your life that you would like to develop and problems or concerns you may have, on an individual basis. All students are welcome to contact the friendly staff at ECC for support as soon as there might be an issue or they are finding things a little difficult. Remember, ECC is committed to student success!

The counsellor is available for consultation on both personal and general matters. Confidential student counselling is available, by appointment. Appointments with the Student Counsellor can be made at ECC reception concerning issues such as:

  • Achieving in study and learning
  • Disabilities support
  • Adjusting to change
  • Culture and relationships
  • Psychological wellbeing

In accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988, any issues discussed with our Student Counsellor are confidential and will not be discussed with any other person without your permission unless it is necessary to protect you (or others) against harm.

Health Services

ECU Health & Medical Services is located on ECU Mt Lawley Campus at Building 8 and at Joondalup at Building 6.

The Heath & Medical Services provide:

  • General Practitioner consultations/Specialist referral
  • Sports medicine and treatment of sports injuries
  • Diving medicals
  • Pre-employment medicals
  • Travel vaccinations and health advice
  • Contraception advice
    • Morning after pill available with counselling
  • PAP smears
  • Pregnancy testing
  • STD screening
  • Minor surgery (e.g. removal of skin lesions and suturing)
  • ECG
  • Blood tests (e.g. Cholesterol, AIDS, Hepatitis B)
  • Asthma checks
  • Immunisations (e.g. Hepatitis B, Tetanus boosters)
  • Counselling lifestyles, drug and nutrition
  • Nursing services
  • Physiotherapy and massage

If you need to visit a G.P. (a doctor) or need medical assistance:

ECU's Student Health Service on Mt Lawley campus: 9370 6814. Operates normal office hours, Monday to Friday.

ECU's Student Health Service on Joondalup campus: 6304 5618. Operates normal office hours, Monday to Friday.

If you are not able to get an appointment, you can go to a GP who direct bills through OSHC. Go to:

Call healthdirect Australia 1800 022 222 or visit

healthdirect Australia is a toll free 24 hour, seven day a week health advice line to all people calling from within Western Australia. healthdirect's experienced nurses provide immediate professional advice on how urgent a health concern is and what to do about it.

Public hospitals have a 24-hour Accident and Emergency department. You should only use these services in an emergency. If visiting an accident and emergency department at a hospital, a nurse will assess the situation and if it is not deemed to be an emergency, the waiting time to see a doctor may be 3 or 4 hours.

If you will be missing a class / classes remember to get a Medical Certificate. Attach the Medical Certificate to the completed Explained Absence Form, ask your lecturer to sign it and take it to Reception within 3 working days.