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Please complete our online Study Tour application form. It's quick and efficient and allows us to collect most of the information we need to create your quote. If we have any questions, a Study Tours staff member will email you. Allow 5 working days to receive your new Study Tour itinerary and quote.

More information about ECC Study Tours is available within ECC's Procedure Overview for Agents and Schools. The Overview is designed to provide essential information to agents and educational institutions to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of Study Tour programs and services. If you would like a copy, please email


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NOTE: ‘Open’ classes are 10-weeks in duration. Students on shorter tours will be in closed classes. Please see Study Tour webpage for information.

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NOTE: For tours with an English component of more than 1 week, students will be issued with an ID card. SmartRider concession depends up length of tour (6 weeks or more).

NOTE: Minimum number is 10 students for a private graduation ceremony otherwise students receive their certificate in class.

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