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Warren’s story – a pathway to Cyber Security

ECC Alumnus, Warren Cabral was recently awarded the Vice-Chancellor Student Engagement Award for his outstanding contribution to the ECU community.

Originally from India, Warren always wanted to become a video game developer. After comparing courses in Melbourne and Perth he opted for a Diploma of Science (Computing/IT) at ECC.

Warren was attracted to smaller class sizes at the college. He says: “Everyone knows everyone. Smaller class size also means you get more attention from your lecturers and therefore more support.”

During his Diploma Year 2, Warren became more interested in Computer Security and decided to pursue a Bachelor of Computer Science.

Associate Professor Paul Haskell-Dowland, says: “The cybersecurity course offered at ECU is the best in the country, with the best minds and the best teachers in the industry. By redeveloping the teaching process to focus on an improved practical approach, students get a much better hands-on experience in the classroom by spending double the amount of time in the computer laboratories. A $2.5mil investment into new tech and new teaching facilities means that lecturers and students have the best available resources to succeed in a state-of-the-art facility”.

Students have the opportunity to receive training in a fully functional Security Operations Centre and hands on experience in the operations facility. Our teaching and learning content is constantly updated to keep up with industry standards. The cybersecurity course has been available for more than 10 years at ECU and now with new Cloud-based laboratories, the learning environment can be replicated at home, offering opportunities to external students, and expanding the course to national and international universities.

Warren has always been an active member of the ECC and ECU community. His advice for other international student is to participate in outside activities because it is a valuable practice to becoming a well-rounded professional. “It’s definitely good to have something else on your resume. It shows that you are passionate about the course you are doing. I do it because I like doing it. “

For more information on getting started in an education in cybersecurity, head to the Diploma of Science (Computing/IT) course page.