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Edith Cowan College

Nurturing Student Nurses – Diploma of Science (Health Studies)


People decide to become a nurse for many different reasons; they want to learn more about human biology or they have a family or friend that they have always looked after and want to do the same for others; but most of all, the people that decide they want to become a nurse have a genuine passion to care for other people. At Edith Cowan College, we want help guide and feed that passion.

Vanessa, originally from Zimbabwe, is a recent graduate from ECC now studying nursing at ECU.

Vanessa says: “At ECC, they taught us what is expected of students at university and how to deal with it because it can be overwhelming. Thankfully they taught us how to be confident with ourselves when we come here to ECU.”

The Diploma of Science (Health Studies) is the perfect entry-level course for students seeking a career in nursing. All the basic skills and knowledge is covered so that you can be sure that you will be ready to be a university student once you put in the hard work.

“Anyone can do it if you’re just focused. If you know what you really want to achieve in life, you will do it. Just be confident in yourself and put your mind to it. I honestly didn’t think that I would be a nurse, but here I am now, I am studying nursing at ECU thanks to Edith Cowan College.”

The ECU student nursing facilities are some of the best in the world, allowing students to learn in a ‘simulated ward’ where instead of a classroom it is a real-life ward with life-like mannequins.

“The facilities here at ECU I can say are perfect. If you want to do nursing, I advise you to come to ECU. They have these real-life mannequins, so you get to know how body functions and everything practically.”

Practical experience is important for nurses, so it only makes sense that they learn in a simulated hospital environment and classroom. Having ECU lecturers with industry experience gives students the best chance possible and smaller class sizes at ECC allows students to ask the questions and get the help they need.

“It’s great. There are people that want to lift you up, boost you up no matter what background you come from. So, I’m sure anyone can do it.”

Shirley Chow is a lecturer and unit coordinator at ECC for the Foundations in Nursing unit.

“I’m not being bias, but I personally feel that if I had to redo my training again that I would choose ECU. The facilities that they built at the Joondalup Campus are one of the best. You can look at anywhere in Western Australia, maybe even the world.”

At ECU, nursing students spend 2 out of 5 days in the clinic setting. They get hands-on experience for the skills they learn and practice. Students can understand working practically, what is the conduct and how to work with an interdisciplinary team.

“To be a good nurse I really believe students must care. If you come to a profession like nursing, it is not just an 8 to 5 job. I really believe it is a commitment that you are coming here to learn caring. Nurses want a profession, they want a career, they want to care, and they want to help the patient. It’s very noble and rewarding.”


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