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Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

All students applying for a student visa must obtain OSHC for the entire proposed duration of their visa.

Make sure you’re covered

You must have current OSHC at all times during your studies

All overseas students are required to be part of the Overseas Student Health Cover Scheme (OSHC). This provides health insurance for international students and their dependents during their stay in Australia. Premiums will apply according to the length of the visa.

OSHC helps minimise medical expenses incurred whilst in Australia. Your OSHC fees will be listed on your Letter of Offer and will be based on the full duration of your student visa.

ECC’s preferred OSHC provider is Medibank. Learn more below.

What is OSHC?

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is health insurance similar to what Australians receive under Medicare. OSHC covers or partially covers the costs for:

  • Out of Hospital Services/In Hospital Services
  • Prescription Medicines
  • Emergency ambulance transport

Why is OSHC so important?

The Australian Government requires all international students to maintain OSHC as a compulsory condition of their student visa for the entire time that you are studying in Australia. If you fail to maintain your OSHC, the Australian Government requires you to back pay any lapsed periods of the cover. You will not be able to claim for any treatment received during this backdated period. Failure to maintain your cover could therefore result in you paying thousands of dollars in medical expenses.

What are Direct Billing Providers?

Direct billing providers are medical providers (e.g. GPs, hospitals) that have an agreement with ECC’s preferred OSHC provider, Medibank. When visiting a participating clinic, show your valid OSHC card and they will send the invoice directly to OSHC. If students attend the ECU Health Service, the cost of seeing the GP is likely to be covered by OSHC.

All Medibank OSHC clients can visit any Perth metropolitan Medibank branch. The branch will help you with:

  • Cash claims and other claim submission
  • Ordering your Membership card
  • General information about your OSHC.

ECC’s preferred OSHC provider

Learn more about ECC’s preferred OSHC provider Medibank.

  • Member Services Officer: 134 148
  • Email:
  • 24-hour OSHC Emergency Helpline: 1800 887 283
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