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Living in Perth

Study on the beautiful Western Australia coastline and enjoy more hours of sunshine than any other capital city in Australia.

About Perth

Explore the safe, clean and affordable city

Perth is the capital city of one of the world’s most significant mining regions, and growing fast in terms of population and economic prosperity. Western Australia is home to people from more than 190 countries, speaking approximately 270 languages and dialects and following more than 130 religious faiths.

Perth has been consistently ranked in the top most liveable cities in the world and has one of the fastest growing economies in Australia. It is the only capital city in Australia where the beach, natural bushland, vibrant nightlife and ocean sunsets all exist within 30 minutes of the CBD. Its affordable living also makes it an attractive option for students.

Getting around Perth

Get around quickly and cheaply on Perth’s reliable transport network

The West Australian Government offers international students a 40% discount on all public transport within the Perth metropolitan area, so you can explore the city at low cost. Transperth also provides free parking fees on weekends and public holidays. And for smartrider car holders, Transperth provides free travel fees on public holiday.

Transperth provides free bus rides called Central Area Transit (CAT) buses operating in the Perth CBD and Joondalup. They use a colour-coding system in each area to identify the different routes.

Edith Cowan College is located on Edith Cowan University campus, approximately 25 minutes from Perth CBD. Plan your journey on Transperth Website.

Perth also has a large and active cycle network, offering an attractive alternative to driving and public transport.

More about cycling in Perth

Travelling & climate

Get outdoors in the sunshine

Perth’s famously warm climate contributes to fantastic outdoor activities and social opportunities, including surfing, hiking, water skiing, cycling and sailing.

Outside of Perth, there is plenty to see and do. Foodies can visit the restaurants and wineries of Swan Valley, the country’s oldest grape-growing region, where fertile soil contributes to some of Australia’s most famous wine labels, along with seasonal produce and other delicacies.

A 25-minute ferry ride from nearby Fremantle will get you to Rottnest Island for the day, with its clear blue water and friendly quokkas – the world’s smiliest marsupials!

Perth’s seasons follow this pattern: Summer (December to February), autumn (March to May), winter (June to August) and spring (September to November). Average temperatures range from 18-35°C in summer to 7-16°C in winter.

Average weekly living costs

Please note these costs are approximate only

Your budget for living expenses will depend on the type of lifestyle and accommodation you choose. To cover weekly expenses, a single student needs a minimum of $29,710 each year to cover living costs.

Knowing the average living costs in Australia is an important part of your financial preparation. To get a better idea, check out our handy Cost of Living Calculator via Study Australia.

We strongly recommend arranging your accommodation well before you arrive in Perth to start your studies. You have on-campus and off-campus options

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Job opportunities In Perth

Ensure that part time work doesn’t distract you from your studies

You will be permitted to work in Australia but there are several conditions which apply. Your student visa allows you to work up to a maximum of 48 hours per fortnight during academic term. You will not be permitted to commence work until your course start date has commenced.

Emergency services

Know what to do in case of emergency

If you, or someone you are responsible for, are in an emergency situation right now, call the WA Police Force immediately on 000.

If you need police help for yourself or someone else but the matter is not urgent, call the WA Police Force non-emergency number, 131 444.

If you need to see a doctor after hours, please call 13 7425 or visit Please note, private fees may apply to these services.

Learn more about Perth

There’s so much we could tell you about Perth but why not explore it yourself? View our YouTube playlist of all our best Perth videos.

Welcome to Perth

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