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Payment options

There are several different ways you can pay your fees. Find the your most convenient payment option for you.

Choose your payment option

The various payment options accepted by ECC are listed below

International payments with Flywire

If you are a future student, please refer to your Letter of Offer for payment information.

If you are a current/returning student, please make payments through your student portal.

Pay via our online payment portal 

ECC accepts various payment options through our official payment partner – Flywire.

Flywire became our payment partner in December 2023.  Invoices and Letters of Offer sent to you prior to this date may have included different payment information.  

This portal allows you to: 

  • Execute, track and confirm your payment online in a secure portal
  • Use familiar payment options from your home country, in 140+ currencies
  • Access a 24/7 multilingual customer support team for assistance
  • Save on bank fees and ensure the best exchange rates with Flywire’s best price guarantee.

How to make a payment to ECC

  • Visit your ECC student portal to begin your payment.
  • Go to the payment/fees section of your student portal.
  • Select the country from where you are paying and your preferred payment method.
  • Enter your payment details and confirm your payment booking.
  • Receive instructions on how to complete the payment process, depending on your payment method.
  • Once payment is made you will have access to real-time payment tracking through email, in-app and text alerts.

Pay now

Having trouble with Flywire?


Phone: +61 2 8311 4772

International Phone Numbers & FAQs:

BPAY (via phone or internet banking)

BPAY is the online payment system in Australia which enables you to pay a bill using your Australian bank account.
ECC BPAY Biller Code is: 979286
BPAY reference number: check your offer letter or Provisional Invoice

Payments for returning students

Payments can be made via our Student Portal.

Important information

Program fees include:

  • Tuition (half of the fees for the first course is payable on enrolment. Subsequent study period fees are payable two weeks before the start of each study period)
  • Airport reception
  • Free English support and academic skills seminars relevant to Australian study methods
  • Orientation program
  • Access to library, computing, sporting and social activities
  • Assistance from Counsellor and Student Advisor if necessary
  • Unlimited internet downloads for coursework purposes

Program fees do not include:

  • Books and stationery
  • Accommodation
  • Meals and Transport
  • Health Cover (this is charged separately on the Letter of Offer and is payable on enrolment)
  • Airfares
  • Visa processing fee
  • Uniforms and equipment for science students
  • Flying lessons for Aviation students

Unless otherwise stated, prices quoted above are exclusive of GST (goods & services tax).
NOTE: ECC conducts 3 trimesters per calendar year: February; June and October. Most courses can be completed in 2 trimesters when taking 4 units per semester.

1. Fees

1.1. A full time study load is equivalent to four units.
1.2. Tuition fees, charges and accounts are payable in advance of each trimester/semester.
1.3. Students are not permitted to commence a trimester/semester until all outstanding fees, charges and accounts issued by ECC or ECU are paid.
1.4. The total tuition fees stated in an Offer Letter are indicative only and are based on a full time study load for one trimester/semester. The final tuition fees incurred may vary depending on unit selections, study load and promptness of payment.
Students will receive a credit to their account where the incurred tuition fees are less than the amount paid in advance.
1.5. ECC has the right to increase tuition fees and charges from time-to time without notice.
1.6. Students enrolling in a second or subsequent trimester/semester at ECC will be notified of the date by which payment and enrolment must be completed. Failure to enrol by the notified date may incur a penalty fee as detailed in the Results & Re-enrolment flyer.
1.7. Certain courses require the purchase of specialised equipment and/or clothing.
1.8. Should it be necessary for a student to repeat a unit, the full amount will be charged.

2. Payment deadlines

2.1 Unless determined otherwise, the due dates for payment of all fees payable are:
New International students: date shown on the Letter of Offer;
New Domestic students: date shown on the Letter of Offer;

Continuing International students: Close of Business (COB) on Friday prior to commencement of study period as shown on provisional invoice;
Continuing Domestic students: Close of Business (COB) on Friday prior to commencement of study period as shown on provisional invoice.

Statement of Tuition Assurance

Tuition protection’ refers to the protections and assistance available to support FEE-HELP or HECS-HELP (HELP) students, VET Student Loans (VSL) students and international students, in the event that their education provider defaults (ceases delivering a course or closes entirely).
Statement of Tuition Assurance is available here.

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