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Access counselling services

Our Student Counsellor can provide confidential help and support on an individual level for students’ wellbeing.

Student wellbeing resources

Use these resources for tips on staying healthy, happy and safe while you complete your studies with us.

Access wellbeing resources

Student wellbeing support

Because student life can be tough

ECC has a dedicated Student Counsellor to provide free and confidential counselling services to currently enrolled students. Especially during COVID-19, you may experience stress and challenges when studying virtually.

Our Student Counsellor can:

  • Give you individual support
  • Act as an advocate
  • Assist in the event of a personal crisis or emergency.

If you need specialised support or treatment, the Student Counsellor will provide guidance and/or referral letters. The Student Counsellor is willing and able to discuss any topic including:

  • Difficulties with studying, worrying about achievement, doing presentations and exams
  • Finding study, life and work balance
  • Death of a family member, close friend or fellow student
  • Homesickness and difficulties in adjusting to life in Australia
  • Issues around identity or sexuality
  • Relationship problems
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual health, pregnancy or contraception
  • Stress, anxiety or depression
  • Thoughts about self-harm or suicide
  • Time management

Make one-on-one appointments by emailing Amber Roche at .

If you just need a space to de-stress and unwind, ECU has a Zen space on campus for students who want to relax between classes. This initiative is made possible through the support of Lotterywest, the WA Government and StudyPerth.

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