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Academic English Program Partners

Benefit from Edith Cowan College’s partnerships with international educational institutions.

Shenzhen Bao’An Vocational Technical School (SBVTS)

Guandong Province, southern China

This technical school is located in the vibrant and economically booming coastal area of Guandong Province, southern China. Since 2018, in a Memorandum of Understanding and Contractual Agreement, ECC has developed and delivered English curriculum and teacher training for the school’s international English students and teachers. Successful students enter ECC’s diploma program and upon completion, gain entry to their ECU undergraduate program. The relationship between SBVTS and ECC continues to grow, with future opportunities being explored.

Beijing University of Agriculture (BUA)

Offshore delivery from Beijing

BUA has a long standing relationship with ECC’s partner university ECU. From 2018, ECC has provided English language courses for BUA students who are enrolled in Science programs at ECU. By completing ECC’s AE4 program, these students are able to progress to their undergraduate program at ECU. These AE4 English enabling programs have been taught by integrating students into the Mount Lawley classes, by an offshore delivery mode at Beijing University of Agriculture and, since 2021, by virtual classrooms delivered live from Perth.

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