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5 tips for settling into student life

By Amber Roche, Student Counsellor at Edith Cowan College

As an international students away from your family and friends, it’s common that you may feel homesick. This is a normal feeling in response to a new and unfamiliar environment.

When you’re feeling homesick, it’s often tempting to stay inside alone rather than go out, but this can actually make you feel worse. The best way to overcome it is to try and immerse yourself in university life and Australian culture. The following helpful tips will help you to feel more at home and adjust to life in Perth.

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Top tips to help you succeed at ECC

By Raquel Correia

1. Attend class

Okay, this seems like a no-brainer – but it’s actually really important students try and attend classes and engage in the course. Yes we all have other commitments, such as work and a social life, but the MAIN reason you are here is to study so you can improve your skills or achieve that dream job 5 years from now in NY! Remember your focus and look at the bigger picture, so you understand how important it is that you do well in your studies here in Australia.

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Student expereince - Surapi's story

By Sophie Waddell

Surapi is an international student from Sri Lanka, she is currently studying a Diploma of Science (Health Science). She was the highest achiever at ECC in Trimester 2 and she was awarded the Navitas Merit Award and received a 1-semester scholarship. We talked to her about her time in Perth and at ECC.

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Perth, 10 best kept secrets

By Amanda Rahim

1. Rooftop Movies

Throughout the summer months, right in the heart of Perth, there is a building that has an outdoor cinema on its rooftop! Screening various films from cult classics to recent releases and Hollywood hits, this is a great experience for all ages.

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Tips for studying online

By Dr Julie Robertson

Now that ECC has witch to online learning in virtual classrooms, here are some tips to help you start online studying at home.

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Student experience  – Warren's story

ECC Alumnus, Warren Cabral was recently awarded the Vice-Chancellor Student Engagement Award for his outstanding contribution to the ECU community.

Originally from India, Warren always wanted to become a video game developer. After comparing courses in Melbourne and Perth he opted for a Diploma of Science (Computing/IT) at ECC.

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Student experience – Justin’s story

Learning in the classroom is just the start. Business and commerce students at ECC and ECU are involved in activities that provide the hands-on experience and knowledge that the industry requires from graduates.

ECC Alumnus, Justin, is an International student from Vietnam. Now studying his Bachelor of Commerce at ECU, he got there with the help from ECC;

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Student experience - Farah's story

Farah Rozario is currently a student at Edith Cowan College studying a Diploma of Science (Health Studies). She chose this course as a pathway leading into the Bachelor of Science (Psychology and Genetics) at Edith Cowan University. Originally from Singapore, Farah is adjusting to student life in Perth. Already being a fluent speaker of English, the only “culture shock” was observing how outgoing Australians were.

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Student expereince - Vanessa's story

People decide to become a nurse for many different reasons; they want to learn more about human biology or they have a family or friend that they have always looked after and want to do the same for others; but most of all, the people that decide they want to become a nurse have a genuine passion to care for other people. At Edith Cowan College, we want help guide and feed that passion.

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Student Experience - Coral's story

A little about me

My name is Coral, and I’m from Perth. I completed my Diploma of Science (Health Studies) at ECC in June 2021. I have since commenced my studies in a Nursing degree at ECU in July 2021.

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Student Experience - Purvang’s story

A little about me

My name is Purvang and I’m from Nairobi, Kenya. I am currently studying the Diploma in Computing and IT at Edith Cowan College (ECC) through virtual classes. ECC provides great scholarships as well, so that was one of the reasons that made me choose ECC.

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Student Experience - Gagan’s story

A little about me

My name is Gagan Shrestha and I am from Nepal. I came to Perth in 2017 and studied the Post-Graduate Qualifying Program in Business at ECC. I then studied a Master of Professional Accounting at ECU and graduated in 2019. Currently, I work at the Foodies Market in Perth as an Accountant.

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