Computing & IT

Be ready for university-level studies in computing, IT and cyber security with ECC's Diploma of Science (Computing/IT).

Course overview

Diploma of Science (Computing/IT) (Year 1) is designed to enhance your learning experience, and provide you with the underpinning knowledge necessary to prepare you for studies in computing, information technology and cyber security at university level.

Diploma of Science (Computing/IT) (Year 2) introduces you to the disciplines of computer science, software engineering, computer security, information technology and other emerging fields.  All computing courses at ECU are developed in consultation with the IT industry and have received the Australian Computer Society’s highest level of accreditation (Level 1). Students who complete the ECC Diploma of Science (Computing/IT) (Year 2) will receive 8 units (120 credit points) advanced standing, the equivalent of the first year, in the respective bachelor’s degree at ECU. A minimum of 50% pass in all units is required for progression to ECU.

Key Information


Year 1: 8 units (8-12 months)
Year 2: 8 units (8-12 months)

Intake dates

Year 1: February, June, October
Year 2: February, June, October

Campus location

ECU Joondalup Campus West

2023 Fees

Year 1: A$14,800

Year 2: A$15,900

Domestic International

2023 Fees

Year 1: A$24,200

Year 2: A$32,340

Diploma of Science (Computing/IT) (Year 1)

CRICOS Code 092035E

The course consists of 8 units of study and can be completed over 2 or 3 trimesters, and provides opportunities for scaffolded learning and the development of core academic and employability skills.  

  • Workplace Communication - Employability
  • Introductory Computing
  • Introductory Mathematics
  • Communication Skills
  • Project Management
  • Information Design
  • Introductory Applied Maths or Elective
  • Year 1 Elective

15 Credit Points each unit

Diploma of Science (Computing/IT) (Year 2)

CRICOS Code 092035E

The course consists of 8 units of study and can be completed over 2 or 3 trimesters.

  • Professional Science Essentials
  • Mathematics for Computing
  • Systems Analysis
  • Programming Principles
  • Applied Communications
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Systems and Database Design
  • Computer Security

15 Credit Points each unit

Transfer to ECU

Progress to second year of your ECU degree

Your Diploma of Science (Computing/IT) can lead into ECU second year of the below undergraduate degrees:.

Diagram of ECC diploma pathway