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Ananda's story

15 November 2022

Learn about Ananda’s story at ECC

A little about me

My name is Ananda. I am from Indonesia and I’m currently in my second semester in the second year studying Marketing and Management at ECU (Edith Cowan University). I am now doing an internship in the marketing department at Edith Cowan College (ECC), which is organised by the School of Business and Law at ECU.

What was your internship experience at ECC?

I admit that sometimes I do feel overwhelmed with the task. However, this is what makes the whole experience more challenging and exciting. Not only will I receive a task, but I also learn, think, review and evaluate my self during the whole process on how marketing work in the real work situation.  In only 3 months, I already left my footprint on their social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. As a person who is less text sensitive, I found that creating and developing an attractive content to draw the target audience’s attention is quite challenging. Luckily, my supervisor always helps me with the feedback that can guide me.

I am very thankful for all the opportunity, trust and knowledge that Edith Cowan College marketing team has provided me, and working with ECC gives me an idea and experience on how marketing works in the real working environment.

What have you gained through your internship at ECC?

I have gained a lot of experience that I would never think of. They gave me the opportunity to manage their social media account, promotion, brainstorm, design an advertisement and also develop social media content. During this internship, I also have the opportunity to join the events that hold by ECC, which gave me a new experience that I would probably not get it anywhere else. I honestly did not expect that marketing in real working environment is quite challenging but also fun. This helps me learn new things that I have never tried before.

How do you manage your time between study and work?

It is hard to divide the time for work and study at the same time. Time management is really helpful in our daily life. Honestly, being able to manage our own time will make our life so much easier. Luckily, my internship place was very flexible with the working time, as long as I do my hours based on the requirement. This helps me to manage my time for study, part time work and internship.

What do you like about Perth?

What I like the most about Perth is a quiet city and it offers a reliable and safe public transport network. Perth has a local population that is friendly and community-minded. I also like the weather here compared to Sydney or Melbourne. One important thing is that the living expenses here are not too expensive in comparison with the other states in Australia. In addition, we can also find a job easily here in Perth.

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