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Off campus motivational words

Top tips to help you succeed at ECC

By Raquel Correia

1. Attend class

Okay, this seems like a no-brainer – but it’s actually really important students try and attend classes and engage in the course. Yes we all have other commitments, such as work and a social life, but the MAIN reason you are here is to study so you can improve your skills or achieve that dream job 5 years from now in NY! Remember your focus and look at the bigger picture, so you understand how important it is that you do well in your studies here in Australia.

2. Engage

Engage in your classes, with new friends, in this international experience! Be open-minded and introduce yourself to other classmates, make conversation, arrange social outings, and join study groups. All the effort you put in will make your experience so much better!

3. Ask an Academic

This workshop is a fantastic opportunity if you have any questions you are struggling with in your units or even a specific question about your course to be able to speak to the Academic Program Coordinator. No appointments needed!

This workshop runs every Mon, Wed and Thurs between 12:30pm – 1pm @ ECC Student Hub.

4. Self Esteem group

Being an international student is a great experience! But it is also a scary one. Being outside of your home country, away from relatives and your comfort zone. But here’s the great news, we understand! So, the student counsellor Amber will be running group sessions EVERY WEDNESDAY during your lunch breaks between 12:40pm – 1:20pm to help develop your self-esteem and give effective ways to handle any pressure you may be feeling. Join now by emailing Spots are booking up fast!

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