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Siti's story

01 September 2022

Learn about Siti’s story at ECC

A little about me

My name is Siti Azkatya, and I am from Indonesia. I just graduated from the Diploma of Commerce. I am now study Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Marketing at ECU.

What was your study experience at ECC?

Last year I started my journey at ECC as on online student. I know how stressful and challenging online study can be. One of them is Wi-Fi problem for sure. At the first time I felt nervous but, after a couple of minutes and get know each other I felt more confident. This is because all the lovely friends and lecturers. I still remember the lecture and friend who give me support the rebuild my confident and I’m so thankful with that. Four months after my online class, I came to Australia to continue my study at ECC. I was feeling afraid and nervous at the same time. I’m afraid of being seen different from everyone. However, surprisingly everyone welcoming me and even the staff showed the praying room for that everyone could see very clear from the hijab that I wear. At ECC you will see the diversity that all people come across their country to study at Edith Cowan University.

Who was your motivation during your study at ECC?

My biggest motivation is my parents. My parents have always been the one who inspire me. My dad is the only reason I’m working hard on my study at Edith Cowan College, and I would not be here with you guys if not because of him.

What is your advice for the future student?

Today is only the beginning of our bigger journey and I encouraging you all to promise that we will make a good impact to the world. Start from the family, our country and continue to the world. Keep in our mind “Do our best, be the best version of yourself, and give a good impact to the world”.

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