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Edith Cowan College

Frequently Asked Questions

About Edith Cowan College

Q : Where is Edith Cowan College?

A : Edith Cowan College (ECC) is located on Edith Cowan Universities Mount Lawley and Joondalup Campus in Perth Western Australia. The campuses are serviced by main bus routes and train services. Full details on how to get to the campuses can be found in the Transport section.

Q : What courses are available at ECC?

A : ECC offers Diploma and Postgraduate programs in the areas of Commerce, Computing & IT, Communications, Hotel Management, Engineering and Health Studies. For more information please visit our courses page.

Q : When can I start studying?

A : ECC has 3 intakes per year: February, June and October.

Q : What English bridging programs are available at ECC?

A : ECC provides a range of English preparatory courses. For more information please refer to the courses page.

Q : Can I apply for exemptions if I have completed some studies at a Diploma (or equivalent) level?

A : Exemptions may be granted provided conditions are met and approved by ECU. Students must provide course outlines and transcripts. For more information please refer to Exemptions/RPL.

Q : Do any GPAs apply for articulation to Year 2? Is IELTS required for entry to Year 2?

A : In most cases, there is no minimum GPA requirement. However, some progression rules apply (e.g. Nursing). For more information please refer to our brochure.

Q : What support is provided to students during their studies?

A : ECC has a range of Student support services available. For more information please refer to Student Services on the website.

Q : How many students are studying at ECC and what are the nationalities of the students?

A : ECC has a good mix of students from many different nationalities and accepts both local students (Australian citizens and Permanent residents) as well as International students for studies.

Q : Where can I meet other students studying at ECC?

A : You can meet students from ECC prior to arrival by joining our ECC Facebook group. Visit our You Tube Channel to see what students and staff have to say about ECC.

Q : I am under 18 years old. What are my responsibilities?

A : ECC recommends that appropriate arrangements must be made with respect to your accommodation, ensuring sufficient support for your personal welfare during your stay in Australia or until you reach the age of 18 years. ECC offers support and counselling to all students through its Student Counsellor and will liaise with parents regarding the welfare of younger students.

About the classes


Q : What is the average class size?

A : Lecture groups have a maximum of 50 students, although most average between 25 - 35 students. Lectures are complemented by small group tutorials/workshops ensuring students receive the best of attention.

Q : What would be my class timetable on a typical day at ECC?

A: A typical day involves classes in 4-hour blocks. Class times are from 8.30am - 12.30 pm, and then from 1.15pm - 5.15pm. We occasionally have classes at 4.30 onwards and very occasionally, on a Saturday.

Q : What happens if a student fails a unit at Diploma level?

A : If the unit is a core unit the student must repeat that unit again. If it is not a required unit the student must take another appropriate unit to complete the Diploma.

Edith Cowan University

Q : How do I apply for my place at Edith Cowan University?

A : On successful completion of your diploma, you will need to complete the application process for placement with ECU. You will need to supply your ECC results, accept your offer and pay your fees. Further details are provided directly to students once they successfully completed their ECC program.  

Q : What other universities or degrees can I progress into?

A : ECC students who have successfully completed the ECC Diploma have Advanced Standing status at many Australian universities.

Q : I would like to find out more information about ECU. Where can I locate this information?

A : Information about ECU may be located on their website: or

Q : What guarantee is there that I can progress to ECU?

A : International students, who finish their Diploma program and meet the academic progression requirements of the University (obtaining a pass in all units), are guaranteed entry to the Bachelor degree and are granted one year of advanced standing status. This means entry to second year university on successful completion of the Diploma. Some Diploma programs will not give all 8 advance standing, please see course page for more information.

Q : What facilities does ECU offer? Do ECC students have access to these facilities?

A : ECC students have access to all of the facilities provided by ECU. Please refer to the Campus Facilities page on our website for more information.

Q : Does ECU require me to pay a deposit to guarantee my place in second year?

A : No, the university does not expect the student to pay a deposit for their 2nd year place.

Applying to ECC

Q : How do I submit an application for studies at ECC?

A : You can apply online, via an agent or submit an application by post or fax.

Q : Is there an application fee?

A : No, students who apply to study at ECC are not required to pay an application fee.

Q : What should I include with my application?

A : Completed and signed ECC application form

  • Certified copies of translated academic transcripts
  • Certificate of graduation (for PQP applications)
  • IELTS results/evidence of English proficiency
  • Evidence of work experience (Curriculum Vitae & references) for student applying for mature aged entry/PQP leading into MBA/MIT and MCS

Do you offer FEE-HELP for students?

Yes, FEE-HELP is available for Australian citizens who are enrolling in a Diploma course.

Do you accept students at ECC through alternative entry requirements?

Yes, students who are over 21 years of aged can be accepted on the basis of mature-aged entry.

What are the Academic and English entry requirements for study at ECC?

For more information about admission requirements please refer to the website.

Working while studying

Q : I would like to combine my studies with work. Can I study part-time?

A : International students may not enrol in studies on a part-time basis as they are required to comply with the conditions of their student visa (they must enrol full-time). If you are an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident you may choose to enrol on a part-time basis.

Q : What are my working rights while studying?

A : After the 26th April 2008, student visas are automatically issued with work rights. While studying in Australia, students may work on a part-time or a casual basis for up to 40 hours per fortnight during semester, and on a full-time basis during semester breaks (semester breaks are those marked on the ECC Academic Calendar). This does not include work that is a formal requirement of their program.

Q : What assistance is provided to find work?

A : ECC does not have a careers or job service, however, as Perth has a relatively low unemployment rate, it is normally quite easy to apply for part-time work. Common sources to be used include the Weekend or local community newspaper, notice boards on campus or the internet. For more information please refer to the Employment section on the International Students page.  

Living in Perth

Q : What is it like to live in Perth?

A : Perth offers students a great place to study in the sunshine with the city within close reach. There is a good job market and relatively low cost of living. For more information please refer to the Living in Perth section on the International Students page or ask a students on ECC's Facebook group.

Q : What are my accommodation options while studying at ECC?

A : There are many accommodation options available to students in Perth. Please refer to the Accommodation page on our website for further information and a guide on prices.