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Edith Cowan College


Students under 18 years of age

As well as meeting all requirements for a student visa, if you are under 18 years of age ECC must approve all your welfare and accommodation arrangements. Our student counsellor offers support and counselling to all students and will discuss any concerns about your welfare with your parents.

If you are younger than 18 and plan to stay with a friend or a relative outside your immediate family, you must receive permission to do so from your parents and ECC. The person you are staying with must be aged 21 or above, have an Australian police clearance and agree to act as your local guardian and carer. If you do not have a friend or relative to stay with while at ECC, we recommend

we recommend below options:


Off campus student accommodation

Please note that on campus accommodation cannot accept under 18 years old.


For information about local carers, please visit or email


On-campus Accommodation

ECC students have access to on-campus accommodation at the ECU Mount Lawley and Joondalup Student Villages, which features five-bedroom apartments just a short walk from the university.

Highlights of the on-campus Student Village:

  • modern and fully furnished, with private bedrooms, bathrooms, large kitchens and spacious lounge areas
  • have a pool, café/convenience store, sound lounge, study zones and shared laundry
  • 24/7 resident assistants to organise events and activities so you can meet new people.

To apply or for more information, please visit this link.

Off-campus Student Accommodation

You may even choose to stay at one of Perth's newest dedicated student accommodation providers which are located in the centre of the Perth city with great facilities. To apply or for more information, please visit


Homestay is a popular accommodation option available to overseas students in Perth. Homestay may be families, couples, single people or single mothers with children. All are selected to provide good quality facilities and meals if required. The Homestay families have requested a student to stay with them, so students can be sure they will be very welcome.

Highlights of homestay:

  • Host families speak English which helps you improve language skills.
  • Host families help with day-to-day problems such as transport, banking and shopping.
  • Homestay gives you a friendly environment where you can live, relax and study in comfort and security.

To apply or for more information, please visit below homestay provider:

Important information when applying for homestay:

  • Applications must be submitted to the accommodation provider 4 weeks prior to arrival in Perth.
  • Advise the accommodation providers if you have special diet or medical considerations (eg. religious; vegetarian), if you are a smoker and if you have problems living with pets (cats, dogs, etc.).
  • To secure Homestay, a Placement Fee must be paid at the time of submitting a request. 
Homestay Costs (approximate)
Room Only Room, breakfast, dinner
From $165 weekly From $280 weekly

Off-campus Accommodation

Off-campus options include house or unit/ flat rentals, or hostels. Costs vary considerably depending on size, quality and location. 


Information about rental properties is available from local Real Estate agents and newspapers. You may also find 'shared accommodation' notices on noticeboards around campus.


You can find rent listings from below website:

Important information when you look for accommodation through the internet:


  • Newly arrived students - be aware that you may need to devote AT LEAST ONE TO TWO WEEKS to finding suitable accommodation.
  • Always visit the property and take a friend with you
  • If you decide you want to move in, create an agreement with the Landlord/agent (see link below)
  • It is best to pay money IN PERSON and get a receipt OR
  • Make sure any account you pay into belongs to a registered real estate agent and is based in Perth

There is support available for you at ECC if you are looking for accommodation.You are welcome to see the Student Counsellor should you required assistance with finding accommodation.


Renting normally requires you to sign a contract of 6 or 12 months and you will usually be required to pay one month's rent in advance as well as pay a refundable deposit (bond) in the event of any damage during the rental period. Any lease or other housing arrangements entered into are at the sole discretion of the student and the accommodation provider involved. In Western Australia, there are very good laws in place to protect tenants and any money they pay for bonds and advance rent. For further information please visit: Western Australian Consumer Protection.


Temporary Accommodation

If you haven't decided what type of accommodation to book, short-term accommodation can be considered upon your arrival. This will provide you a chance to get familiar with the city and campus locations and surrounding. Then you can decide what type of long-term accommodation you would prefer.



Airport Transfer

To assist you with your arrival in Perth, ECC provides a free airport reception service (for new students) studying English followed by a ECC Pathway program or students directly entering an ECC Pathway program. This offer is not available to students who are on an ECU English plus bachelor/masters program.


There are 2 ways you can get this free service:


  • You can take a taxi or Uber/Didi/Ola at the airport, then take the receipt and redeem your AUD100 voucher at ECC Welcome Centre.
  • As soon as you have your flight details, please book the free airport pick up via Perth Student Accommodation airport pickup

Living Costs Guideline*


Rental Type Weekly Rates
Shared Rental $85-$215
Rental $165-$440
Other Costs Weekly Rates
Groceries and eating out $80-$280
Gas, electricity, water $35-$140
Phone and Internet $20-$55
Public transport $15-$55
Entertainment $80-$150


*These costs are an estimate only. They do not include additional costs associated with a more expensive lifestyle.